Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On The Side

Hey Again.

In addition to working on my own electronic music as Digitalcasm/Digital Sarcasm I am also involved with music in a few other ways. I am composing and arranging music for a couple of local music organizations. I am writing original music for Huntington Beach High School's Music program. The picture attached is four pages of one of their percussion ensemble pieces.

I am also involved with Impulse Drum and Bugle Corps and am arranging their entire front ensemble program this year. I am working as a volunteer for both organizations and really enjoy it. It's nice to write for live instruments and see the students progress. I also used to teach, but took a step back from that since my expertise is in writing, not teaching; although I really, really enjoy working with kids.

Also in the works is a CD I am making with my two younger cousins. Drake and Alyssa's Dad built a nearly soundproof shed in their back yard that houses a keyboard, some various percussion stuff, a mixer, and a set of electronic drums! Drake and Alyssa are both less than ten years old. Having this kind of a set up officially makes their dad one of the hippest/coolest parents out there. Drake has been getting drum lessons for nearly four years and is becoming a really proficient musician and a ridiculously young age. I recently spent some time with them in the "Drake and Alyssa Studio" (as it's been named) and we're working on a short song that will be released and distributed to family members by the end of March. I'm just playing keyboard with them while Drake and Alyssa are responsible for the song structure, the drumming, and the lyrics! Good times. Look for a video of a "session" of me sitting in with Drake and Alyssa at their backyard studio.

Anyway, that's all for now. More to come soon.

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  1. Wow them pages up there are like alien code !
    Really cool about he Soundproof Studio shed...back in my day, had to settle for a playhouse full of paint fumes. It was oxygenproof..

    Ah yeah, and I dig the Title pic!