Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Digitalcasm Vs. Taxi Driver

At a recent trip to an Aomeba Records, while perusing the soundtrack section, I picked up a copy of Bernard Hermann's final soundtrack: Taxi Driver.  I warped the track "Diary of a lonely man" it one, meticulous measure, at a time.  Deniro's voice isn't in any specific tempo.  After that I just rolled off the low end of the original track a teency bit, and threw on an original drum track I'd been working on slowed to 120bpm underneath the track.  The result is this subtle Remix/mashup/what-have-you

For the video I just wrestled with Imovie '09 for hours and hours and hours using random pictures I've taken while traveling over the last couple of years.  And there you have it.

More to come soon. . .

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