Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Thousand Miles Wide


A Thousand Miles Wide.   Here's my latest track! Please check it out, comment, like, and repost if you enjoy it. Originally a loop I used as bumper music for some early live sets, I decided to polish this up and put it online. This willwill be a part of the Future Fossil collection of songs on bandcamp pretty soon.  I plan on making it a collection of 4 or so tracks total.  More technical details about the song after the jump.

Cutting things up in to tiny chunks and making catchy beats with unusual drum programming are my favorite things to do with electronic music.  But the more I get in to making music the more I am reminded that:

Less is More

I really wanted this song to be epic and spent a lot of time playing around with ideas, more change ups, a "C" section (on top of the basic INTRO, A and B sections) and frequent drum fills.  Maybe I'd make this a ten minute track that had a lot more "movement" in it, like a sort of journey, something way more psychedelic, and less deliberate.  But that wasn't the point of the song, and wasn't really what I was going for when I started putting it together several months ago. The more I came back to this song, and thought about music that I like currently, I decided that less is more with this track.  Put the song in a pretty basic structure in a really cool soundscape.  The huge fuzzy warm strings, the unusual, but catchy-to-me drum programming, and deliberate use of compression were all this song really needed.    All I had to do was to glue these elements together in a way that made everything feel like it "lived well" together in context and still made my head bob when I listened to it.  I'm pretty happy with the result.  All the parts of the song have room to breathe, and the ridiculous compression makes it sound massive and punchy.


More to come soon.

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