Sunday, June 10, 2012


We're going to be gracing The Copper Door with our presence again this upcoming Wednesday for the June edition of The Big Draw!  It has been awesome doing this for the past six months and we are especially stoked on the artists that are showin' their stuff this month.  Jose Arvizu, Nancy Boos, and Noel Madrid will be pummeling your senses with their assortment of art and saleable goods.  Background jams will be mixed and played by Digitalcasm, and we'll probably have one or two last second special guests help keep the music going.  More on this month's line up after the jump.

Featured This Month:

Jose Arvizu

Want to learn more about this artist? Check out Jose's Tumblr, Big Cartel, and Facebook

Nancy Boos

Noel Madrid

Want to learn more about this artist?  Check out Noel's website here.

Six Months In

So, the more we do this event, the more you guys are helping support us and reach out and find cool artists to be involved with this little shindig. we're stoked that The Big Draw has grown organically over the months and it couldn't have happened without the continued interest and support from the community around it.  Big thanks to Chris Kawagiwa, Heidi Pena, Christina Rincon, Tracey Taylor,  Art Supply Warehouse and all the artists and guest DJ's that have been involved with the event over the last few months!  

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