Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Digitalcasm's Daily Play #1

I've been spending a lot of time seeking out music and people on soundclound lately.  As I'm increasing my presence on there by an order of magnitude, I wanted to increase my participation in the community the same.   Also, I wanted to see what other local, and not so local musicians, producers, DJ's, and singer song writers have been up to.  So a few months ago, I started regularly poking around in this crazy big ocean of music and talent called soundcloud.

And then something interesting happened, I found that wherever I looked, if I spent time with a promising artist, I would always find gems.  It was like digging for buried treasure, and always finding it so long as I remembered to keep digging.  Maybe it's a really crisp sound scape,  an awesome hook, or just a track that really comes together nicely, and stands out--I started favoriting the gems I found.  In fact, there are already tons of interesting and unique artists and music that I've found. I haven't gotten around to articulating exactly why a song would make me stop whatever it is I was doing, put down the coffee, get off facebook, and just listen.  The Digitalcasm Daily Play is my way of following through with highlighting good music I've discovered on Soundcloud.

So here's the first ever Digitalcasm's Daily Play.

Cambion - Loners Trap by Dirty Merlin


About these guys

Dirty Merlin is a DJ/Producer of West Coast Garage and Hip Hop tracks.  He's based out of Costa Mesa and founded GRN + GLD
Facebook  -  Soundcloud

Why I like this

I'm a sucker for how certain strings sound recorded, ukelele and harp especially.  This track starts with a loop of a pretty good sample. There's vinyl effect gives it a nice slightly scratchy analog sound which manages to not sound gimmicky.  Then some reversed sounding vocal sounds add in in a super cool and unexpected way.  Later these same sounds, the harp andthe reverse vocals, fit nicely underneath the almost incomprehensible reverby vocals.  A nice trip-hoppy(?) soundscape guys. So yeah, I was hooked in from the start!  Good hook, neat soundscape, pretty good mixing.

See you tomorrow!

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