Thursday, November 15, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #19

Diggin  by SoCalHustler


About this guy

This guy is right in my backyard.  SoCalHustler aka Mighty is a performer and writer of Hip Hop.

Why I like this

Diggin' is just a good song.   It's hard not to appreciate good music when I hear it, even if I'm not a huge Hip Hop head.  The vocals are very crisp and very warm.  The drums and loops have a nice analogue sounding fuzz at the top and are punchy.  This gives Diggin a great warm polish that helps this track stand out.   The only criticism I have, is it's intro which sounds flat compared to the rest of the track.  But, once your through the gates, the track shines the remaining three-or-so minutes.

See you tomorrow.

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