Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Digitalcasm Daily Play #40

Automaton Teori by Head Tripper

About this artist

Head Tripper is a part time producer of ambient, glitch, and abstract music, from Brussels, Belgium.

Why I like this

Automaton Teori is a really nice glitchy ambient filled piece of music with lots of suggestive sounds, a catchy drum beat, and and a sparse melody.  This could be the soundtrack to a precisely executed heist including ziplines, glass cutters, and lots of specific hand gestures for communicating with the team of ex pats for hire. What I like most about Automaton Teori is how Head Tripper handles the pads.  The choral, distant, slightly orchestral sounding tones layer in to unexpected, and dissonant washes of sound that seem to constantly and effortlessly morph back in to unexpected, and slightly beautiful resolutions.  There is an excellent sense of tension and release without the tones and sounds ever sounding like random noisem or like generic progressions.  I'm reminded of Ligeti a little when I hear this track. Definitely worth a listen!

More soon.

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