Friday, February 1, 2013

Digitalcasm Daily Play #43

4 Mo' [allday] by ₱αlåū

About this artist

₱αlåū, aka Jay Lieutenant, aka Jamie Lloud Taylor, is a talented triphop-slash-lofi beatmaker and producer out of the UK.

Why this is good

Any track that starts with a cascade of laser sounds from the get go is okay in my book.  4 Mo, is as chill as it gets.  ₱αlåū has written in a great atmospheric piano part, and a ton ambient fuzz to glue everything together in to a nice and fully realized soundscape.   4 mo sits in that special sweetspot where there are just enough extra odds and ends to make the track come to life.  However;  anything more would be superflous, anything less would leave this track hollow and lacking in some way.  Great work.

More soon.

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