Saturday, May 1, 2010

Digitalcasm at the Crosby May 18th

It's time to take this shit to the streets.  Tuesday May 18th I will be having a debut 30 minute set at hipster restaurant/bar The Crosby.  Also there will be Chris Kawigiwa and friends displaying and selling art.  I am not sure if any other groups are booked yet but I will keep things updated.  I'm excited to be playing at this particular venue since it is exactly where I was hoping to end up

My thirty minute set will be semi live with me playing keyboard and singing "along" with some of my songs.  I should be there with three key boards and my laptop, along with some other goodies, including free CD business cards, and hopefully pins.  I'm excited to finally get this off the ground and am hoping for a good first time out. . . .

More to come soon. . .

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