Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First show was a success.

First show went fucking well.
Technical difficulties were expected, but totally handled.
So: thanks where thanks are due.
Thanks to everyone who came out to see the top of my head over the mountain of keyboards.
Extra special thanks to David Ryan (of for being a huge source of encouragement and stage support.  Especially on Where is my Sunrise and the completely improvised jam which was a total crowd favorite. (expect a recorded version in the coming weeks)
Thanks to Barbara Godoy for hookin' it up with Trifecta Tuesday at the Crosby.
Thanks to Chris Kawagiwa ( and company for bringing awesome art.
Thanks to Brandon Durham of Flickr for giving me the go ahead to use one of his awesome images for the background of some of the promotional CD business cards for the show. (see picture and awesome picture-a-day-gallery here)
Thanks to Luis my old music teacher for going to a bar for the first time in years to check it out.  How cool is that.
Thanks to all the people who took all of my CDs and then never bothered visiting
Apology to anyone who tried inserting the CD businesscard in to any kind of CD player that doesn't have a tray.

That's it for now.
More to come soon. . . I am working on booking some more gigs down the road, and expect a few small changes to the site over the next month.

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