Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board.

So. Show number two has been completed. A lot went pretty well.  There are still many, many kinks to be worked out.  Thanks to all those who came out to enjoy the show. We will be going back to the drawing board for a while to polish up our live set.  The music has a lot of potential but needs a lot of fine tuning to be really performance ready.  I will still try to do one or-so show a month for the next few months, but we are still getting started, and I have only just now confirmed some bandmates.

Things that really worked great
merchandise.  CD-businesscards flanked by a poster looked great.  This aspect of the live performance is pretty much maxed out for the time being.
Set up: Is almost there. I need to deal with my absent mindedness.  Items were forgotten but we were able to improvise fairly well.
Live songs:  These are on the right track.
Music: The songs have a lot of potential. That I'm confident about.

Things that really  need work:
preparedness and polish.  This will just come with time. 
Incorporating more live performance.  Getting in to the music.

More to come soon!

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