Saturday, July 17, 2010


So: Live gigs at actual venues will be at a minimum for a while.  The next time anyone will see us we will hopefully be four strong. Two to three songs will be added to Bandcamp within the next month-ish. And the live performance will actually be a lot more live. Details after the jump.

New Music

Kicking the Can Down The Road. A rough version of this song was performed at Viento Y Agua.  The recording is almost exclusively done with my R3 vocoder and Korg Sv-1. This is cool because it's using sounds that aren't easily replicated in reason/record and must be performed in actual, competent, takes. And for audiophiles, techies, and music equipment nerds: The vocoder patch I use is gruelingly custom programmed.

Untitled song that I've been working on since last November.   This song will hopefully, finally, eventually, come to an end and be the opening track to the final CD. Maybe it will never be finished, who knows.

Want. Another new song that has just been started yesterday, but is coming a long nicely and will definitely be on Bandcamp within the month.

Level 8  I plan on making this track FREE for download on bandcamp, and will be a hidden "bonus" track for people who purchase whole copies of my completed EP once it is finished.

Also: I've finally gotten around to updating my Myspace, and music can be streamed on  Digitalcasm can also be found on facebook when entering it in the search category. (We should be the first hit)

Live Performance 2.0

First time out I was flanked by a great jazz pianist, Dave Ryan. Awesome to have that kind of support first time out.  He was a total pro, and definitely made me feel more comfortable on stage.

Second time out I was joined on stage by Toshi and Amy with back up vocals, some light live percussion, and a bass guitar.

Next time out, Toshi will be taking over on MPC.  Amy will continue providing awesome backup vocals and light percussion, (and health permitting, a midi controller for her to rock out on to boot.)  Good friend, and excellent musician, Damon Tordini, may help out with bass and vocals.  His voice is excellent, don't be surprised if you see me taking a step back from vocals for live shows to let him belt out on some songs.  

We are currently working on the grueling process of converting certain tracks in to Ableton Live.  This means FINALLY tracks like Perfect Paul, I Hate Myself, and the in-progress Want will have a nice element of live DJ-like manipulation via MPC.  Perfect Paul will be greatly expanded for live performance, and will hopefully make it much more worth seeing us live.  This will also hopefully provide a good differentiation between recorded and performed versions of certain tracks.  (Maybe we can be an indy, 8-bit, electronic, jam band?)

This is why it's pretty necessary to take a step back from doing regular shows for a little bit.  The amount of preparation that has to go in to this is pretty daunting, but will be worth it once I decide to start actively booking gigs again. I am more than willing to do house parties, and low key performances in the meantime, but really feel that another layer of polish is necessary before we go balls out again.

I really feel that with the help of Chris Kawagiwa providing the poster at the last show, and the promotional CD's that aspect of the live show is already really good.  We already seem to have plenty ideas for this sort of thing for shows down the road, and now it's time to bring the live performance up a couple of notches to match that.

More to come soon.

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