Saturday, November 13, 2010

Catalyst Art Society.

Just "booked" another show for Saturday, November 20th.   I will be doing another 3 hour stay performing for the Catalyst Society of Art's Fall 2010 Portrait Show.  I put booked in parenthesis since I had only found out I was confirmed for the show when I was e-mailed the poster.  And with a poster that looks as cool as this one made by Christina Rincon (Last name will be updated asap) How could I say no???  This show will most likely be another completely solo gig.  Plan is to have a One Hour set that I will play twice with a half hour break in between.

Catalyst is a small studio space rented out by Art Supply Warehouse.  Events are run mostly on a volunteer basis by employees and managers who work at the regular retail space.  I happen to be friendly with more than a couple of people who will be a part of this event and am happy to be involved.  The show/gallery space should be really cool and better see some of you there. . . 

More to come soon.

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