Saturday, December 4, 2010

Digitalcasm does a Mashup.

So Digitalcasm will be a featured electronic musician at Sipology on Saturday, December 11th for the opening reception for the Urban Pet Experience "massive" group art show.  I will be there from 7:30 pm until close.  Because this is  a larger event than I've ever done before, I wanted to make sure that I had enough material to fill the three or so hours I will probably be asked to provide music.  This means stepping outside of my own music, and preparing an hour set of some other electronic and progressive music that I really like, and think/hope will be a good fit for the location. . .

I'm no DJ, so the mix is completely pre-meditated.  I did fine tune the transitions, and got to know Ableton Live a little better in the process.  I've already learned a thing or two about mixing and compression, so I decided to put a mashup together.  I took one of my favorite Squarepusher songs from the Hardnormal Daddy album, and mixed it with a catchy song from Magnetic Field's epic triple album 69 Love Songs.  Here's the result:

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