Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick Update.

Sorry for the delay in updating this thing.

Since my last update I have uploaded a new track to bandcamp as part of the Digitalcasm EP.  The name of the song is "Phyllis" and is a tribute to my aunt, Phyllis Looper, who passed away in August of this year.  The song is  also a kind of a meditation on life and suffering.  It has spoken word courtesy of long time friend, Amy Izushima, who helped translate the concept of the song in to Japanese.

My hope is that even if the listener is not able to speak/understand Japanese that the song still works.  I do not understand Japanese myself but think that the vocals still add some nice texture to the song.  I also dig the idea of making the kind of statements in the song subtle.
I have been hard at work honing in my skills on understanding frequency, mixing, equalisation, and compression better.  My overall goal is to be able to stitch together better finished products, and take some of the trial and error of playing with sound and creating soundscapes.   I am pretty satisfied with how this track turned out and worked hard to get the vocals to stick out and fit in to the overall soundscape of the song. There are a few things I'd like to improve and I may revise it down the road, but am already working on a number of new tracks in preparation for a couple of upcoming shows, so this is the "finished product" for now.

I will be updating again later today with details on the next couple of Digitalcasm shows.

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