Friday, October 8, 2010


Ah. I haven't updated this thing in a while. . . . So what's new with Digitalcasm since August?
A death in the family and some personal issues led me to put music on the backburner for the month of August. . . In September I started chipping away at a number of things “Digitalcasm” related and started collaborating with a good friend, Toshi Arai, on getting our live performance much more polished and gig ready. 

This involved a lot of reworking of recorded versions of songs so that in addition to keyboard, and some vocals--there can now be a really dominant live “remixing” of some songs along with lots of room for new added elements. What does this mean? Think of this as Djing and mashing up our own music live. We are really excited with how things are turning out, and within a few short months, we will be gig ready and a lot more worth seeing live.

Also have some plans of completing two or three more tracks and uploading them to bandcamp. The past few months been an opportunity to focus on really getting to know and master the equipment we will be using both on and off the stage a lot better. Working on our craft of playing, writing, mixing, and mastering. The fruits of our labors will start showing up on Bandcamp soon. So stay tuned!

Last but not least, our long term plans. . . We haven't done any new stage performances since July since all involved agreed that it was time to take what we learned from our two gigs together as a group, along with our experience in other bands, as well as a lot of thought on what it is that WE would like to see on stage live. We've been putting a good amount of effort in to really making sure that when we go on stage again, we will have a lot of added of elements that have been missing from our first two performances. It was a tough decision to stop pursuing more gigs so that we could fine tune, but this will be very worth it when we do begin making appearances at venues again.

I have also been working along side great friend and brain-stormer, Chris Kawagiwa, tinkering around with some ideas for an actual CD design once we complete a few more tracks. We have met up a few times over the past few months working on a One-Off CD that we plan on mailing to KCRW (They are known for listening to all the music that's mailed to them) and then making an easier-to-reproduce version of that design for purchase!

So that's that.

More to come soon. . .  

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