Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy February.

I have been meaning to update this thing.  January was quite busy.  I had A performance at The Basement Lounge on January 5th as Digitalcasm.  I took a few trips to Sipology on Linden to play some of my music.  I did a 30 minute solo set as Digitalcasm at The Crosby as part of Trifecta Tuesday, and I also played keyboard for the January Huntington Beach Artwalk Celebration at The Shorebreak Hotel with Cheers to Serendipity and Thought Police.  That was a blast sitting on stage with both bands in one night.  I also played with Cheers to Serendipity at The Copper Door about a week after that.  Copper Door is a sweet up and coming Beer Lounge. . .

There are some goals that I've got for the rest of this month and next.  I'm playin' piano for a buddy's wedding as a wedding gift in March.  I've got my work cut out for me to take a first stab at about 8-10 jazz standards. . . I'm not an amazing piano player, but I really enjoy learning to improvise.

I also plan on getting more proficient at manipulating other people's music.  Think DJ without the turn tables.  I'm going to make a collection of illegal mash-ups over the coming month(s) and post them to Youtube for your enjoyment.  So far I have Squarepusher vs. Magnetic Fields.  I am messing around with a treatment of a beck song and a Spacetime Continuum song.

This Saturday I will be at Sipology on Linden again as part of the Technofilia Art show.  I'll have a special version of my CD Business cards that will have an MP3 and text file of the song mix that I'll be playing.  A single track with all the transitions, and a text file with all the tracks that are being played.  The portion of the set I perform as original, wont be available, but some of the tracks I'm performing will be showing up on my bandcamp site soon, and my regular business card CD's will have some of the tracks on them.  Also the 5 track EP that's been up there for a while is available as a complete download for $2.99 (or more if you decide) a pop for all five tracks.

Live performances as Digitalcasm will probably be slim this month and next as I deal with other music obligations, and practice practice practice.  I want to get better at piano, better at using Ableton Live to do some live dj-like screwin' around, and want to have a few more tracks available on Bandcamp.

More to come soon.

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