Friday, April 29, 2011

Future Fossil.

I never got around to blogging this.  I mentioned it previously in my Botany Bay post, but it isn't linked directly on this page.  The little player above this text just playes the EP and not this song.  
Why? Because It's being put together as a seperate album/ep/group of songs.  I'm going to make some ambient electronic music, and have it all be a part of this future fossil collection.  Anyway, Here's part one.  I like this track, it doesn't have a lot going on at first, but I promise I did my homework and paid attention to the details.  Everything is carved out nicely, and all the elements make room for each other.  What does this mean? For me anyway, your ear is drawn to the most important stuff.  The background stuff is still there, and is a reward for more active listening.  This track, although not filled with tons of crazy drum fills, and change ups, is a really nice, and very deliberate step towards the sort of stuff I want to do with my music.  Give it a listen,  Then listen to it again, and really pay attention. Or not.  Your choice.  More to come soon.

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