Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Second Saturday At Sipology Song List.

So every month I set up my rig on a balcony in a coffee shop in Long Beach.
I've been doing a gig at Sipology Coffee in Long Beach on the corner of Linden and Broadway during a monthly artwalk there for six months.  Most sets are between 2-3 hours and are filled with what I think is the best music I can find along with a bit of original stuff.

Many of the songs I find are from the member supported radio station KCRW.  I'm usually in my car when I hear something great, and I'll often whip out my cell phone and take a picture of my digital clock display on my radio.  Later I'll go home, check the date and time of the picture and hop on to the KCRW website and seek out the artist/song/album I heard on the radio. They do such a great job of cataloging what they play and making it easy to find.  So much of what's on the station is eclectic, and hit or miss, that it's not uncommon for them to have a dead link to amazon, or itunes since the song played was from a demo mailed directly in to them, or from something that is currently out of print, or, from a group that is not yet signed.

So I'm going to borrow that concept.  If you happen to ever wander in to Sipology Coffee during the monthy art walk and see a guy dancing behind a bunch of keyboards on the balcony, and like what you hear, I'm going to post (in no particular order) the music that I've played, and incorporated in to my set.    I will also include my new original material once I've properly polished it up.  The list of music after the jump.

Here you go. . . 


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