Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Big Draw

Hey folks. So,  just kicked off a new monthly event at The Copper Door in the heart of downtown Santa Ana's Artist Village.  The Big Draw.  A night of drinking, drawing, and music. And it's happening the second Wednesday of every month. The Big Draw is a cool and classy place for artists to hang out, network, and draw. We are creating  space for featured artists to display their art in an organic way that showcases their talent, and fits in with the unique atmosphere of The Copper Door. Add to that cool music, and extended DJ sets that compliment the venue, the event, and the rad folks that are coming out, and you have The Big Draw.

Help us start our Analog Blog - a mural that we started this month and will be adding to every subsequent event. Look for updates of the ongoing project online starting in February.

Not an Artist?
Check out our local, (and not so local) artists doing their thing. See the featured artists showcase their work. Hang and bang with the regulars. Check out The Copper Door's unusual draught and bottled beer selection.  And enjoy some hand picked and original music, by Digitalcasm.


This month's featured artists were Ben Walker, and Joseph Dean Chesmore.  Check out some of their featured pieces.

Here's some of Joseph Dean Chesmore's work

Dirty Doves
Nuke This Girl

 And here's some examples of Ben Walker's work.

Helpless - Acryllic on Canvas Paper
Cow Skull 1

The event was a huge success.  Everyone who was involved in making this happen was great.  We are pumped for the upcoming events, and are confident that the event will grow bigger as we keep it going.  Big giant thanks to all the people and artists that came out.  It's what made the night rock.  Look for plenty of updates about this most recent event, and a full song list of the 4 + hours of music that was played and deejayed!

Take note:  If you were at this most recent event, and dig what this is about take a second to like or share this blog/post with someone.  Most of our event promoting will be done through facebook so find Digitalcasm on there and give us a friendly click!  We love your support.

If you want more info about this event, or want to be a part of it feel free to e-mail us!

The Big Draw is on.

More to come soon. . . 

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