Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Big Draw - March Playlist

Every month we do The Big Draw and awesome local artists are invited to showcase their work.  This month we featured Byran Lenorud and Chris Kawagiwa.  For the music, every single song I play is a gem, and there's no filler. A lot of love goes in to the picking of songs for playback, mixing, and mashing up so that there's a sort of progression throughout the set.  That's important since what's being played helps set the mood for the night.  No dubstep (which I actually like), no top 40 stuff, no punk music, just some killer jams.
This month I broke my set in two, with some bumper music.  The First set was just me playing and mashing up tunes I dug and discovered this past month.  The second set featured Collin Mclalanan playin' some jazz saxophone over my DJ set, classing up the tracks. I've gone ahead and put all the music that I sampled heavily from, mashed up, or played all the way through.  This isn't the set as it was played, but the songs that I pulled from.  If you heard anything you liked while I was in the DJ Booth, you'll be able to find the tracks in my spotify links!

The Big Draw MARCH Set 1
I'm going to be putting a live version of this set on mix cloud in the next few days.  Listen for the mashed up version of the tracks on this playlist.  I'm really stoked with how this set turned out.

The Big Draw MARCH Set 2
The tracks I played and mixed while my buddy played sax.


Theme from Belle Et Fou - Danny Krivit Edit - JAZZANOVA

A good friend of mine turned me on to Jazzanova on Feb 14th when we were yelling over the bouncy beats of Dim Mak Studios.  We all exchanged music recommendations while we drunkenly waited for Digitalism to go on. After that night, I went on to spotify and started listening to everything by these guys, and this Danny Krivit Edit came up.  I've never heard of this guy before I found this track, but totally fell in love with the punchy drums, and the tight editing on top of the Quincy-Jones/disco pop of this Jazzanova track.  So good.

Cosmic Trip - AIR

I've always loved these guys. Their new album Le Voyage Dans La Lune - (A Trip to the Moon) also doubles as an alternate soundtrack to the black and white silent film of the same title.  Cosmic trip stood out. I love how it drones on, I love the gigantic echoey vocals that come in, and I love the single hits at the end of the track that work great for a nice transition in to a new track when being DJ'd. This is brand new, and a must listen.

14th St. Break - Beastie Boys

The Mix-Up.  This whole album kicks ass. It was the Beastie Boys' seventh studio release, and was entirely instrumental.  The guys play their own instruments and  Mike D's on drums for this one. I'm a sucker for good drum, and the groove on this track is top notch.  I spent almost 3 months listening to everything that these guys ever made.  I was never a fan when I was younger, except for the hits like Brass Monkey, Sabotage, and most recently  Fight For Your Right Revisited.  When I started divin' deep in to their discography, I was pleasantly surprised as I kept stumbling on to great funk vamps with tight and punchy drums, experimental trip hop soundscapes, and a few tracks that were just unusual. Time after time I would favorite a track and discover that it came from this album.  Definitely not for every Beastie Boy fan, but this will be in my personal playlist for a long time.

Well that's it for this month's playlist.  Look for a live version of the 1st set on here, and on mix cloud! And as always, more on here soon. . .

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