Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day.

Hope everyone had a rad, safe St. Paddy's! We had a fantastic little shindig at our casa. Many friends brought lots of food and drink, and I made my famous extra sweet and spicy red beans and rice. My day job right now is for a company that works with kids and legos, so my engineer roommate and I decided to make a contraption for taking Irish car bombs. We came up with a trap door mechanism, made entirely out of the plastic bricks, that dropped four shots perfectly in to waiting pint-glasses of Guinness below. The Legos got a good wash in the dishwasher post party and it was a day of watching TV, and spendin' some quality time with good friends and the dog.  Anyway, let's talk about music.

Have been busy doing my homework lately, and am in the process of upgrading my computer, and putting together a fresh sample, and VST library. I keep being reminded of how good music starts with good source material, and have been trying to long and too hard to shape the sounds I have to something listenable. I've learned a lot of neat engineering tricks, but they don't seem to matter if the soundscapes I'm working with suck.

This really seems true when I am listening to more and more people's music on Soundcloud.  Look for some pretty regular posts of me featuring music I've discovered on the net that deserves your attention.

Here are some tracks I've been working on.  Both are o-k-a-y I think, but I have some very big ideas that I'll hopefully have ready within the next couple of weeks.

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