Thursday, March 1, 2012

Digitalcasm - Special Guest at Shampoo Artwalk

Just in the midst of locking in artists to show and sell work for the upcoming Big Draw event, Wednesday, March 14th.  

But before that - going to be featured at the Copper Door in Santa Ana this Saturday, March 3rd!  This is going to be a special set, throwing a lot of new stuff in to this set, and going to be on stage with a very talented Saxaphonist, Collin Mclalanahan.  He's fresh from the music conservatory at Chapman University, and is also an extremely capable guitar player.  

This set will be very ecclectic, and a lot of fun.  Adding tasty beats to some very nice lounge-jazz, and some carefully constructed ambience to the intro of a Shins tune.  We're also going to jamming out on one or two standards, and I'll be dusting off a cover I did of Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage as part of the set as well.  I'll have my keyboard on stage, in addition to the rest of the goodies I usually perform with.  We're very excited for this gig, and I'm hoping to make performing with other talented musicians during my sets something common place from here on out.  Hope to see some of your faces this Saturday night!

The Downtown Santa Ana Art walk is really something special.  If you've never been you can find out a little bit more here.

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