Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ready! Set! March! . . . is here.

About to kick off the next Big Draw.  Wednesday, March 14th at The Copper Door.  This will be our third night of drinking, drawing, and music!  A lot of really cool stuff's been drawn on the main table newsprint.  A lot  of you who came out were way capable and talented.  We cannot wait to start posting pictures of the work that's been drawn during the event. We keep the paper! At the end of the night we roll it up, and it get's set aside for the photo shoot.  Look for high-lights soon for January/February. 

Attending aritsts-- Leave your business cards and promotional stuff if you got it! Especially those of you we don't know yet.   Leave your info for us on our table, or draw something with your professional info on it.  Doing so will be a really cool way for us to promote you!   Especially when we start posting highlights from the table-turned-community-sketch-pad.

Featured artists this month and some examples of their work:

Want to learn more about this artist?  Check out more of his work here.

Want to learn more about this artist? Here's his facebook, blog, and website.

Both of these guys will have current work and rad swag to see and to buy.
Really looking forward to the March Big Draw.  Hope some of you come out and hang out with us, and leave us some beautiful drawings on our 30+ feet of sketchpad.  

More to come soon. . !

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