Thursday, October 18, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #3

Shakespeare with dogs by Trian Kayhatu 

About this guy

Trian Kayhatu is a composer, producer from the Netherlands.  He's done work for movies, artists, fashion shows, and theater.
Soundcloud  -  Bandcamp

Why I like this

How can you not like something called "Shakespeare with dogs?" Am I right?  He also has a track called Chuck Norris!  This schizophrenic breakbeat track (he calls it futurefunk) is mind bending without feeling like a fuck you to the listener, like so many experimental tracks always ultimately come off.  The overall mix on this guy sounds raw, which works really well for this track.  It gives me the impression that Trian is just dripping with creative energy and whipped this track out with out a whole lot of second thought.  My favorite part comes a little over a minute in, when the random synths and the weird funky drums all drop out just long enough for you to hear an unaccompanied sample of someone smugly saying "That's right."

See you tomorrow!

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