Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #5

Switch On by Electroconductor

About this guy

Electroconductor is an electronica producer based out of the U.K.  The real man behind this track is Arlo Giunchi.  His influences mirror my own, including film soundtracks, alternative rock and left field dance music.
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Why I like this

Switch On is great for a number of reasons.  It starts with some ambient synth sounds and immediately begins evolving in to a very unique blend of drum and percussive beats that are extremely articulate and  cut up really well--making it easy to sink in to the complex groove EC has laid down. Very mellow electronica chords join in and start getting cut up along with the beats and suddenly things are very deep, but without my ears struggling to find something to latch on to, and without sounding pretentious.  Switch on is  full of movement, and definitely progressive in that you don't end up close to where you begin by the time the track plays through.  Listening to it feels like Arlo is trying cover a lot of ground in three minutes, unlike simple Chorus/Verse/Verse/Bridge type music where a few simple ideas are expressed over and over.  At the same time this is not experimental music (like a lot of this type of music ends up sounding) everything that happens sonically in this track comes off polished, deliberate, and with extremely nice transitions.  It feels like a very thoughtful tour of EC's world of sounds, and is another great Daily Play addition.

Other artists that came to mind while I was listening to this: Bluetech, Spacetime Continuum, Squarepusher, Underworld, Eric Serra.

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