Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #6

Song of the Livid Drawn Outside The Lines of Reason by enoruoS (Sourone)

update 11/28/12:  Song of the Livid was the working title of this track, and has been renamed by the creator.

About this guy

enoruoS is where Sourone a.k.a. Michal Kalinowski dumps his "melodic, ambient, and breaky" sounds on soundcloud.  Even with the brilliantly obvious name in reverse not unlike Spacetime Continuum's album Emit Ecaps, and later Remit Recaps, it still took me a while to track down Michal's (or is it Michael's?) original profile, and eventually his facebook page.

He hails from Poland and is a producer of IDM, psychedelia, glitch electronica, experimental, ambient, micro break beats. . . . .and well you get the idea.  This is the type of music where anyone who ends up listening to a lot of his work will probably start throwing the word pioneer around when describing him and his music to others.  He does a little bit of everything, and he does it really, really well from what I've heard so far.

Why I like this

I've listened to my fair share of experimental, psychedelic  and ambient music.  Boards of Canada, Autechre, Squarepuhser, Aphex Twin---you name it.  This track is so damn good.  Drawn Outside begins with some really excellent and mellow synth work.  Other elements add in and you can hear how all the sounds are alive. There's really good dynamics, modulation, mixing, tambre and as a result, really good atmosphere.  Then enter a nice down tempo drum and bass glitch beat that interacts with the dark brooding soundscape that's  now happening underneath every few bars.  All the layers join forces and glitch out and skip rhythmically from time to time so that the soundscape still has some linear moments where everything comes together nicely. Oh and there's this perfect bassline dancing around while all of this is happening too.  Finally, things begin to break apart and  fizzle out a few elements at a time, giving you a chance to grasp all the little realized ideas, patterns, and sounds that make up this excellent piece of music.

When I first listened to this, soundcloud started playing the following track, a recording of a live promo set he had done, that starts out with some pretty amazing piano sounds and morphs in to more IDM goodness.  That set was thirty minutes long, and too much for me to dive in to as a part of a Daily Play Post, but definitely worth a mention, and a listen too.

See you tomorrow!

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