Monday, November 5, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #13

Do You Believe by Poolside

About these guys

Filip Nikolik and Jeffrey Paradise are Poolside.  Their Album Pacific Standard Time is on the Day and Night Recordings label.  The genre is Daytime Disco.  This is, to date, my favorite song of 2012.
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Why I like this

I discovered Poolside on my way to a party in Los Angeles earlier this year.  I was listening to KCRW and probably stuck in traffic when the drums and percussion started marching out of my speakers and this super-old-school-but-also-super-bad-ass-casio-sounding piano riff joined in too.  If you were in traffic with me that day good chance you might read my lips as I said "Fuck yes!" a number of times out loud while this great, great, piece of music blasted out of my car's speaker system for four minutes and thirtytwo seconds.

It's catchy, it's punchy,  every sound that is played is perfect. it doesn't sound like commercial electronic music ala KIIS FM, and the vocals are simple and work great.  But then, a little ways in, the vocals cut out and you are treated to some acid sounding vintage synthesis that should sound alien, if it didn't hit the spot so damn much.  In fact, this has the best TB-303 sequencing I've heard in my entire life and it manages to launch this already excellent track through the skies, and in to geosynchronous orbit.  This. Song. Is. Fucking. Great.

See you tomorrow.

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