Friday, November 2, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #12

Scullery by United Bible Studies

About these guys

United Bible Studies is a psychfolk group based out of the UK and Ireland.  They've released several albums on Bandcamp, and my gateway to this was through Michael Tanner's soundcloud.  MIchael's done some guitar and percussion and loop work on their newer stuff.
Facebook  -  Bandcamp 

Why I like this

First off, liking and finding music like this totally by accident, is something I love.  Second, liking and sharing music like this makes me feel like a bonafide hipster.  Because I'm pretty sure I'm talking about some music that nobody has ever heard of around here.

So why do I like this track?  It's catchy, and it's progressive in the same way Frank Zappa, and Michael Keneally are progressive. . . And it's psychfolk!  How can I not like a genre called psychfolk?  Scullery has some really nice guitar riffs, and some even better vocal arrangements that make the whole piece come together really, really well.  It's like garage Fleet Foxes.  The production isn't top notch, but that seems to only add to the unusual charm of this track about people peeping in to a washroom, I think.

See you on Monday!

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