Friday, November 9, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #16

Take it Easy  remixed by RAC Maury 

Original Surfer Blood track

About these guys

RAC is a production company based out of Portland, Oregon that specializes engineering, mixing, recording, and creates botique remixes of tracks. The two guys behind most of the remixes, Andrew Maury and Andre Anjos, are all about good taste.  Andrew Maurey, according to their website, is based out of New York.

Why I like this

This remix was my initiation in to Surfer Blood, and to RAC. My roommate already loved Surfer Blood, and was talking about them, and their surf rock jams, long before I heard this RAC remix on KCRW.    This break beat-ish interpretation has a lot of the original stuff going on with some pretty straightforward break drum programming that just works for this track.  And that really sums up why I like this so much.  The original is great, and this temix is really tastefully done.

I love good indie rock, and I like tasty remixes.

It works and doesn't sound like it shits all over the original--which is really what the goal of any good remix should be, right? Anyway, that's it for this week folks.

Have an awesome weekend.

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