Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #15

Mana Magic by Lobo Incognito

About this guy

Lobo Incognito is a producer of psychadellic, experimental, vocally focused electronic music out of Lagnua Niguel.

Why I like this

This is the kind of music that is appreciated.  Lobo is making sounds that are really well executed, and are crazily unique.  So I wont compare; I'll describe.  Heavily altered vocals start out the track in an eerie way that highlights certain patterns that come from having different filters emphasizing different parts of the sound of his voice.  This doesn't start like a track where I think "hey he's put some kind of filter on that, can't wait for it to open up and really get started,"  Nope,  It takes a good ten or fifteen seconds before you realize what the hell you are actually listening to.  Even when you recognize that it's someone's vocals you are listening to, they don't sound quite human. Lobo's doing sophisticated stuff with sound in this track.

Then enter the drums, and music behind the vocals which evolve in an incredibly smooth and interesting way.  Every sound has interesting timbre that is always coming out loud and clear through the entire track. The otherworldy voices, the tape saturated sounding bass and snare, the synth harp, it all comes together incredibly well and manages to sound pretty damn crisp. Mana Magic is a really well realized soundscape filled with haunting texture.

The drum and percussion sounds gradually change and the song takes a left turn about half way through.  Mana Magic sounds less like Lobo is taking synthesized sounds and breathing life in them than it does like Lobo's music IS alive. And it's breathing its hot breath on the back of your neck.  This is so original, and so well done.  I have to give some major props this stuff.  Way to go dude!

See you tomorrow.