Monday, November 26, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #24

The Driver remix by C418

Here's the vid:

Here's the orginal

About this Guy

C418 is the musical outlet of Daniel Rosenfeld.  His sounds come from Germany and enjoy titles like "inappropriate transsexuality deluxe" and "shit with a twist." He's most well known for the Minecraft soundtrack, for which Daniel has received some major acknowledgement.

Why I like this

The Driver is a catchy,  quirky remix of the original by Salvonic.  Remix isn't the right word, though.  This is much more a re-imagining.  Salvonic's version is a great new wave sounding pop electronic track, and C418's is a slightly schizo melodic-trip-hop rendition, I think. Daniel has pitch bent, vocoded, and edited the lyrics of the original to fit the entirely new musical digs; and they fit very nicely.  Both the original, and this remix are great.

See you tomorrow.

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