Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #23

Fly Away Poolside Edit

About these guys

Filip Nikolik and Jeffrey Paradise are Poolside.  I've blogged about them before here.  They just released the Seasons Change Mixtape. Their genre is Daytime Disco.  
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Why I like this

Poolside hooked me forever with Do You Believe.  I've been keeping an eye on them, and waiting for something that I can jump on and share ever since.  Fly Away (Poolside Edit) is a really chill edit of the Laid Back original, and both the original and the edit are so smooth, and so mellow.  All of the elements Poolside include sound really good, and are presented in a way that sounds a little darker and warmer than most commercial music.  And in true fashion, everything is mixed really damn well, sucking you in from start to finish.  Flay Away also appears about fourteen minutes in to their Seasons Change Mixtape.  Have a good holiday. Alright, have a good holiday everyone.  I'll be posting again on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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