Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #26

High and Dry Cover by Rhythms Del Mundo

About this project

Rhythms Del Mundo is a non profit collaborative project that has released full albums that contain remixes and covers of popular western music.  Their discography so far is Rhythms Del Mundo: Cuba,  Classics, Africa, and Cubano Aleman.  According to their official website "Rhythms Del Mundo is a project created by Artists Project Earth to raise awareness of climate change and protect it’s victims through the power of music. Sales from Rhythms Del Mundo have funded over 300 vital environmental projects." 

Why I like This

This track comes from the first release, Cuba, and is primarily the work of Buena Vista Social Club.  They  created masterful latin and salsa arrangements of popular western tracks for thie entire Cuba album. Buena Vista Social Club is a project started by Cuban musician Juan de Marcos Gonz├ílez and American Guitarist Ry Cooder.

High and Dry has always been a favorite Radiohead song.  This arrangement is so classy, and the vocals are in Spanish, or Portuguese (I can't speak either so I'm not sure) instead of English, so it takes a little while to recognize that this is even a cover of something originally adorned with the alien voice of Thom Yorke.  It begins with some mellow piano and slow latin percussion rhythms before soft brass adds in to complete the intro.  The vocals start in, and build up to the first chorus.  It's pretty hard to recognzie right away because the iconic drums and guitar of the original are absent, and it's not in English.  However; once the chorus is reached, it becomes undeniably recognizable and it's really cool how well the original melody fits over this entirely fresh arrangement. Good stuff.

Note:  Not sure how well all the links work, a lot of these tracks can be found in their entirety on Spotify.

See you tomorrow.

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