Friday, November 30, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #27

Buckwheat (Soba) by Evan Geesman

About This Guy

Evan Geesman and his melodic-ambeint-instrumental hip-hop album (or is it trip-hop?  I don't know) spring from Santa Ana California.  My town!  He is a musician/producer and his new album is Uncooked.

Why I like This

Buckwheat starts out with  some echoey vocals and guitar that are reduced to ambient quarter note hits, when the offbeat volume is ducked way down.  Now, I've always been a sucker for audio that's cut up with spaces of silence, or extreme gating, especially when it reduces multiple layers to something more ambient and linear, in the exact same way that this track does.  But that's just me.

This song is also just really damn pretty; and kind of  haunting.  In the same way that that one cover of Mad World in Donnie Darko was pretty-and-kind-of-haunting.   Buckwheat opens up nicely and, pretty soon, some some great lofi sounding acoustic drums start doing their thing.  Other pretty sounds fill in the gaps and Buckwheat gets more delicate and mellow.  Every sonic element hits a sweet spot and the end result is a soundtrack for something that should, could, or is, blooming right in front of you.  Spare two minutes and twenty-two seconds of your day to listen to this.  It's pretty dang good.

See you tomorrow!

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