Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Digitalcasm Dailiy Play #29

Silhouette by Edamame

About this guy

Edemame is a beatsmith and music maker out of Chicago, Illinois.  His real name is Ed Harris, and he draws inspiration from nature and converts it in to glitch hop.

Why I like this

On my very first Daily Play Post, I mentioned how I'm a sucker for good sounding harp and ukelele in music.  Sillhouette is a super chill ambient, beat driven track.  It would right at  home in an old videogame like Sim City, or Cities in Motion.  It's not the kind of music that demands your attention, instead it blends nicely in the background and only draws attention to itself when  the harp arpeggios are reintroduced.  This is a good mellow listen, and is part of the Silhouette EP.

See you tomorrow. 

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