Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #30

That Smooth by Eric Hodges

About this guy

Eric Hodges is a producer, composer, recording engineer, out of Los Angeles.

Why I like this

That Smooth, according to his soundcloud description "cannot be described in words! You can only hear it in your soul."  I don't know about what you are feeling in your soul, but this track is a hard thing to describe.  That Smooth has elements of jazz, and experimental electronic music.  All the strangest samples are cut short by a hilariously thin and quiet clap noise before cutting to some soulful keyboard riffs, and then finally to that squeaky sound an inflated balloon sometimes makes when you rub it.  Eric has made something that draws a perfect line between weird schizo electronic music, and good hip hop jazz and funk.  This is a rad track, and your ears will agree.  

See you tomorrow.

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