Monday, December 10, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #31

Would that not be nice remix by RJd2

About these Guys

Divine fits = Brett Daniels from Spoon + Dan Boeckner from Wolf Parade + drummer Sam Brown.  RJD2, aka Ramble John Krohn, is a producer-slash-musician from Ohio.  He's the guy behind the Mad Men theme song and makes music that sounds like Hip hop, Electronica, Rock, Trip hop, and Nu jazz.  He  reworked this radiofriendly remix from the LP, A Thing Called Divine Fits a-n-d it's available as a free download!

Why I like this

I'm pretty sure that everyone has heard Brett Daniels' voice on the radio, or on a friends smartphone or mobile device, and thought:  "hey, is that a new spoon track?"  I heard this remix of Divine Fits' Would that Not Be nice on KCRW.  I let soundhound take care of figuring out what this really was before Gary Calamar spilled the beans a few minutes later.  This RJd2 Remix strips away everything from the original track except Brett's vocals complete with awesome sometimes-it's-there-sometimes-it's-not echo and reverb from the original.  Rebuilt around the vocals is an extremely mellow, catchy, and slightly silly, synth arrangement complete with house beat and raw triangle/square sounding synth elements softened up in the mix for a good listen.  When I heard this track, I was surprised to hear Daniel's voice over something so digital, and was pleased with how well it turned out.  Check this, and the original version out!

See you tomorrow.

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