Saturday, January 5, 2013

Digitalcasm Daily Play #36

Magnetic Pandabears by Phylum Sinter

About these guys

Detroit based producer Christopher Todd shows of his skills writing  electronic, experimental, and IDM music through  Phylum Sinter.  According to his page he is a self proclaimed "Detroit-based beatmaker, mastering engineer, sound designer, and digital artist."
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Why I Like This

I'll be honest.  I picked this song because it's called Magnetic Pandabears.  This track could have been a three minute recording of several babys screaming, at chipmunk pitch, and I can guarantee you it would have still been posted.  Luckily, Phylum Sinter has a good handle on this slightly dated sounding IDM remaster from 2004.  It's weird-in-that-good-way, and filled with meandering belltones and fun spongy electronic sounding drums.  There's a nice left turn in the middle of the track followed by more splendid wandering until it finally wraps up just after the five minute point.  Give it a listen.

More soon.

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