Friday, January 11, 2013

Digitalcasm Daily Play #37

U Don't Survive - Remixed by FaltyDL

original Machinedrum Track

About this guy

Drew Lustman! From the dark underbelly of New York; this man makes some seriously cool atmospheric house and garage music.  According to his Discogs profile he makes "nostalgic tracks immersed in the old New York and Chicago sound yet creating a more subtle futuristic Big Apple version mashing together influences from hip hop, dubstep, UKG, soul, jungle, broken beats and electronica creating his own sound."  He mostly just makes expertly mixed atmospheric electronic music that's totally badass.

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Why I like this

Atmospheric. Expertly mixed.  Incomprehensible vocals.  Beautiful weirdness. And it goes far beyond the original Machinedrum track.  This is such an epic remix, and is so good and psychedelic without sounding like something that can only be enjoyed when uh. . . in the right state of mind.  Highly recommended.  Big thanks to Jourdan G. for the find.

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