Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Digitalcasm Daily Play #39

Keep Walking by auvic feat. Caroline Kim

About this guy

Auvic is a Boston based producer of electrohouse, complextro, and dubstep.  He has synesthesia and can see music that he hears.  He has an upcoming album, Voices, that will be released on Audiophile Live.

Why I like this

Auvic's music is all intricate and rhythmically complex. Keep Walking starts us out with a funky bassline and vocals before evolving in to some wobbly-dub-step goodness that wraps itself around the groove that's already been laid down.  Auvic has got some major talent with arranging sounds and putting them where they fit best  and everything is definitely in it's right place here.  The groove is broken up between the bass, the wobs, and other sounds that seem to all fall effortlessly in to place.   Keep Walking is both catchy and very elaborate without being a chalenge to listen to. This is a great track, and I am looking forward to hearing (and hopefully posting) more music from this artist soon!

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