Monday, January 14, 2013

Digitalcasm Daily Play #38

A New Life  by Jim James

About this guy

Jim James is best known as the frontman of psychedelic rock group My Morning Jacket.  This track is a new single from an upcoming full length solo release, Regions of Light and Sounds Of God.

Why I like this

A New Life is a soulful,  organic and wide open song about wanting to start a new life, again.  The first half of the track treats us to Jim's vocals and lyrics with muted guitar.  The texture and reverb are great, and the muted sounds are so delicate.  I was strangely reminded of Peter Bjorn and John for the first minute or so before A New Life opens up to a really exceptional arrangement that sounds like a hit that had been transported directly from 50s or 60s.  The only giveaway are the slightly robotic drums that fade in just before the transition. This is so damn good.

More soon.

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