Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Calander Year in review.

Well. I've done the digitalcasm thing now for almost a year.
Here is a quick list of what has happened this year. . . .

  • Saw Air in Concert.
  • wrote Perfect Paul using a vintage (software) text to speech synthesizer DECtalk.
  • Had First show.  Accidentally unplugged my audio interface during the last song, and had to start it over again.
  • ???
  • 2nd show at Viento Y Agua with help of Amy Izushima and Toshiaki Arai.  It went okay.
  • Music went on backburner to deal with personal and family stuff.
  • Got back in to the scene. Wrote some new songs, and prepped for some new shows.
  • Performed at Sipology -Linden 
  • Performed at Sipology -Temple with Kalamari Beats.
Already have a few things going on for January.  Not bad for my first year trying to do the solo thing.  I have lots of great ideas to make performing live better for the future, and have a lot to work on.  I will hopefully be adding a few (part-time) members to help make doing what I do worth your time to watch.  I will also be finding ways to get more involved with my local communities; especially in Long Beach, and hopefully with the Huntington Beach Artwalk.  More to come soon.

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