Friday, October 26, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #7

Untrust by fuckmylife (Joel Zimmerman)


About this guy

Fuckmylife aka Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmou5.  Funny enough, I didn't know any of that until after I heard the track.
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Why I like this

Untrust is the kind of song that reminds me why I love electronic music.  With a nice ambient start and an unusual chord progression this track builds and "effortlessly" morphs in to electronica bliss.   Untrust has a pattern of five chords, and begins building in to a pulsating cacophony.  In fact the music keeps getting to a  point where I'm sure things have reached their ceiling.  But instead of stopping, or changing, or going to a drum break, something interesting happens. Untrust keeps growing.  It keeps intensifying beyond what I thought was possible for good commercial sounding music. It sounds like it's purposely messing with my expectations, and it kind of gives me the impression that the music is breaking through a ceiling.  Here are two metaphors that help describe how this song makes me feel:

  1.  Listening to Untrust is like watching the status bar for an internet download go to a hundred percent, then stop for a second before the little green or blue line bursts through the edge of the window and starts spilling out on to the desktop for a while before abruptly stopping and five or six hundred percent. 
  2. Listening to Untrust is like seeing that point when Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk.  That transition point when he begins to outgrow his clothes, his sleeves rip as his chest and biceps enlarge.  Only it's happening more slowly than we see in the movies.  Its that transition point when you watch something grow and are at the same time aware that something old and previous, that no longer suits is being shedded.  

Well, I guess i'm a Deadmau5 fan now.  See you tomorrow!

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