Monday, October 29, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #8

Romanesck by Aniline 

About this group

Aniline is a collaboration, based in France, between Alex Rich and Flo Rian.  According to their bio, this project is inspired and influenced a lot by colors.  Their sounds are definitely leaning towards IDM, ambient, and experimental.  
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Why I like this

Romanesck starts out with this nice meandering lead synth line that has a catchy feel even though I can't be sure if I'm ever hearing it repeat.  Nice glitchy vocal and drum programming add in around a pretty straight forward four-on-the-floor beat.  As things start to develop, Romanesck never stops sounding polished and full of nice little motifs and electronic bells and whistles. It continually arrives at all these really cool musical moments that feel like I'm being treated to a series of well executed theme and variations.  Even as the track wraps up it transitions to a nice glitchy, dancy, big beat sounding loop that fades out. So good.

See you tomorrow!

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