Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #9

Each Scattergun Glance by Swich Licour

About this guy

Swich Licour is an electronic music creator based out of the UK.  I found Ben's track through the IDMF Netlabel on Soundcloud as part of the This is Good Tea compilation.  I'll have more info on him soon!

Why I like this

I like crisp sounds.  Right from the get go there is a really nice kalimba/mbira riff that starts things out.  Other sounds and more electronic rhythms add before a wobbly reminds-me-of-aphex-twin-for-some-reason bass line adds in underneath.  While Each Scattergun Glance does it's things you'll  notice how the ambient sounds and elements that are added in are all very crisp and feel right at home and really integrated in to the soundscape.  Nothing sounds overly compressed, low quality or limp.  I'm not usually a huge fan of this kind of ambient music, but this is a really really fine piece of ear candy, where all the elements feel alive and, to me,  manage to come off slightly eerie in the same way hearing children's laughter in horror movies does.  It's worth a listen.

See you tomorrow!

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