Thursday, November 1, 2012

Digitlacasm Daily Play #11

Fridge by ErikBokk


About this guy

Eric Nietti is the man behind this catchy videogame/japan-pop/breakbeat sounding gem.  He hails from Norway, and produces chiptunes, electro house, and 8 bit music.
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Why I like this

Fridge.  It's all about the portamento.  When the 8 bit chords come in and move by slowly pitching up or down to the next spot, it's gold.  It's "that something special" that this track needed for me to favorite it.  That "something special element" seems to be a trademark of Erik's tracks.  Never mind the fact that I feel like I'm watching the credits roll after I just finished beating my favorite Super Nintendo game.  Most all of Erik's music have something unusual, but really nice going for them that make each song greater than the sum of their parts.  Also the production is super clean from start to finish.  Well done!

See you tomorrow!


  1. You are too kind! Thanks!


    1. Your music is excellent! Keep up the good work.