Monday, November 19, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #21

Megablast  by Baconhead

About these guys

UK Duo, Autobee and Ebola are producers, performers of "Scifi beats to confuse your brain."  Mostly their music is an extremely well produced mixed bag of great sounds from every weird electronic genre in one place.  And it's damn good.
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Why I like this

This piece of musical badassery is part of a beattape called Turbo Loaded.  Yes.  I said tape.  As in this song was released on cassette, in 2011.  It's track four on side B.  It was also available free along with their Astro Sludge EP.

Megablast will get in your brain, and stay there.  The entire excerpt is based around a 12/8 riff with some pretty basic drums that gets repeated over and over for the entirety of it's one minute and 55 second length.  The track is peppered with all sorts of great laser sounds and lo-fi sounding scifi things underneath.  What's amazing is that Megablast comes off sounding incredibly analog (if that's even a way that I can describe it).  Everything sounds run through well. . . a tape, . .  and the final result is something that has warm and organic polish, even though we're being assaulted with Nintendo sounds.  And it's so good.

See you tomorrow.

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