Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Digitalcasm Daily Play #22

Shinkansen Girl  by Katsucurrytime

About these guys

According to Soundcloud, Katsucurrytime is based out of Liverpool, in the United Kingdom, and has produced music inspired by the Akiba arcade scene in Japan.  Seems legit.

Why I like this

For Some reason Shinkansen Girl reminds me of Super Metroid and is part of a self titled three track EP.  It has a good hook, and an unusual chord progression that definitely makes you wax nostalgic for 16 bit sidescrollers.  With Shinsansen Girl, Katsu has re-imagined that experience as if these games were  played in dark dingy clubs with smoke machines, instead of on the living room floor with bottles of Squirt, and your neighbor friend.

See you tomorrow.

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